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Handmade Visuals
Venn Diagram on street!

Venn Diagram on street!

Esta vez llevamos los diagramas de venn a la calle y los usamos para generar interacciones entre los participantes del taller de infografía.

Handmade dataviz kit 2.0

Handmade dataviz kit 2.0

La nueva versión del Handmade visualization Tool kit #hmvtk en una nueva caja, con nuevos materiales y con instrucciones para aproximarse de forma creativa a la visualización análga de datos. […]

Europe simple DataViz

Europe simple DataViz

Gráficas que muestran datos relacionados con turismo, accidentalidad, cultura y demografía de algunas ciudades europeas.


Berlin #HMVTK workshop

Berlin #HMVTK workshop It is a very interesting city different to all other in Europe. Is rich in culture, people always look for new trends, this generates many spaces that […]


Visualized 2012: A few physical visualization examples

VISUALIZED explores the evolution of communication at the intersection of data, storytelling and design. Join us for an inspiring two-day gathering with the brightest minds and social innovators from around […]


The #hmvtk published in Visual Storytelling by Gestalten

The handmade visualization toolkit #HMVTK was published in the Visual Storytelling book by Gestalten. Visual Storytelling uses graphic design, infographics, illustration, and photography to convey information in the most elegant, […]